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Our 3 Systems have the same benefits and features but differ in terms of content as they address 3 distinct niches. Both the Social Media List Builder and the Viral Prospector have No upfront fee and come with a 30 Day Free Trial and cost just $29.97 per month and that monthly fee can be waived with 3 paying referrals. Our services distinguish themselves by the depth of what we offer in terms of features and the low cost at which we offer our services to small businesses.

Additionally where we over deliver and what sets us apart from our competitors working with traditional businesses is in the “Done For Them” Automated Marketing Solution we provide a business owner with our Instant Sales System. Since the Instant Sales System is focused on more traditional brick and mortar type businesses and offers a “Done For Them” Automated Set Up of our system, that set up comes does come with a Onetime set up fee of $197 and then is just $29.97 per month and that monthly fee can be waived with 3 paying referrals.

Understandably most business owners are way too busy to learn all about the best marketing practices much less incorporate any type of online marketing system. Approximately 85% of all businesses have less than 25 employees and therefore don’t have the resources, or experience to leverage the Internet but they NEED and WANT to, and that is why our service is so attractive. Many companies may offer SOME (nowhere near all) of the features of the Instant Sales System but we have found none that can Automate a small businesses online marketing like the Instant Sales System.

Our Systems Automation overcomes the most common objections a business owner has when offered an online marketing solution…That being lack of time or lack of knowledge.

When you combined the fact that we can overcome those objections and add a Money Back Guarantee our service is very attractive… What business wouldn’t want more sales…Guaranteed? Especially when you consider a year of our service will cost a business owner less than they would pay for a single small print advertisement and our marketing lasts forever and is much more effective. In addition our system tracks the effectiveness of an ad including offline advertisements like print ads.

The Following is a List and Description of the Features

That Are Included in All Our Services

Automated Floating Capture Form

Easily have an Unlimited number of forms that suddenly appear on top of any website to capture the contact information of prospects to Build a List Automatically.

  • Viewers can easily share with 1 click getting our members business a LOT more exposure
  • This form helps automate the capturing of a website visitors contact information
  • This form can be put on an unlimited # of websites (including Social Media sites) or any page on any website
This One feature Alone is Easily Worth $1 a Day But Our Members Get Everything Below All For the Same Low Price!
Automated Email Campaign System

We set up our Holiday Mailer which will Automatically send a businesses Personal or Promotional Messages on every major holiday (17 in total) and totally Automate their followup.

  • Create an Unlimited Number of Email Campaigns
  • Businesses can Send 30,000 emails per month whenever they want
  • Choose from a library of email templates
  • Full rich text editor in our email system for total customization
Most People Pay $20-$30 or Much More Per Month Just For An Email Marketing Service. This is Just 1 of the Many Features Our Members Get All For the Same Low Price!
Powerful Contact Management System

All of our member prospects and customers information will Automatically be uploaded into our member Contact management System.

  • Rate prospects, take notes, schedule appointments
  • Get email reminders for our member appointments & So Much More
  • Effecient follow up, and the fortune is in the follow up
Audio & Video Postcard System

Experts say Audio & Video get 3-5 times the results of typical email. A Business can use our library of Audio/Video postcards or easily create their own.

  • Great way to send video messages
  • Each postcard creates its own unique URL
  • Easily included in emails or social media postings
  • Includes clickable text our member can edit and direct to ANY website
Unlimited Lead Capture Page Creator
Many Templates Styles to Choose From

A business can use our simple point and click Lead Capture Page Creator to Create an Unlimited Number of Lead Capture pages.

  • Chose from a wide variety different style templates
  • Simple step by step creation process
  • Easy to follow instructional videos for all our features
  • Great for marketing different offers and target marketing
  • Very effective for Search Engine Optimization
  • Blank template for advanced users who can create their own capture pages from scratch
Unlimited Sales Page Creator

A business can use our simple point & click Sales Page Creator to Create an Unlimited # of Sales Pages.

  • Create an unlimited number of “Sales Funnels” (Lead Capture page to Sales Page)
  • A business can promote as many offers as they want
  • PayPal Integration
  • Blank template for advanced users who can create their own sales pages from scratch
Viral Video Library

A business can chose from a library of Done For Them Funny, Entertaining, Newsworthy, Inspirational, and Religious videos that they can send as a link in an email.

  • Shared in the same way people forward emails
  • Creates Viral Exposure for our member business
  • Videos viewed on top of our member website
  • Captures viewers contact information building a big list
  • Viewers can Share with a click of a button
Done For You Capture Pages With FREE Hosting

Select from our library of “done for our member” lead capture pages, simply point and click to chose which one our member would like to use.

  • All websites hosted FREE
  • We continually add to our Library of Capture Pages
  • We take suggestions from our members
  • Include Professional Videos For Higher Conversion
Ad Tracking

A business can track their ads Online AND Offline to see what’s working and what isn’t working. If a business in not tracking their ads, then they might as well be burning their money!

  • Create an unlimited # of ads
  • Track exactly how many people clicked on your links
  • Track how many prospects entered their information on your website
  • You can see how effective your marketing efforts are working for you
  • You can stop wasting money on ineffective ads which can save you Thousands of Dollars!
Unlimited Sub-Domain Name Creation

Create an unlimited number of sub domains to point to any advertisement, web-page or banner for ad tracking.

  • Allows you to point an unlimited # of Sub Domains to an Unlimited # of websites
  • Create an Unlimited # of Sub Domains for FREE
  • Gives you great flexibility in your marketing
Valuable Content to Give Away to Capture More Contacts

We provide “Done For Them” Lead Capture Pages that give away valuable content for free. This will help our member add value and give people a compelling reason to give them their contact information.

  • Opt ins will offered a free trial for our service
  • Helps you get 3 paying referrals while building your list
  • Helps our member get their monthly fee waived
Viral Electronic ECards

Use our library of ECards that will be forwarded virally with our members business information for many eyes to see.

  • Includes our member business name and contact information
  • Easily shared and forwarded for massive exposure to their business
  • Can include a businesses own personal message

Access to our Private Members Only Training Area with invaluable resources to help our member attract more prospects to their business.

  • We have spent over $200,000 over the last 20 years on training materials
  • Gathered valuable information from worlds top marketers
  • Valuable Training from personal development experts
  • New content added to our training area regularly
MANY New Features to Come

We are always working on adding new features as well as enhancing existing features at NO additional cost! We welcome our members suggestions and would love to hear what they would like to see from us.

  • Currently working on capture pages for mobile devices
  • Currently working on integrating text message marketing
  • Our member will be grandfathered in at the current low price
  • ACT NOW before we raise our price!

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